Entry costs are $52. Send your dues to Tim Huelsman, Dept. of Psychology, Appalachian State University, Boone, NC, 28608.  Weeks won prior to payment of dues will result in prize money being forfeited back into the "kitty." Please get your dues in before the season begins! 

       THE DRAFT

       The draft will begin via e-mail, with untimed picks, beginning some time near March 20th. We will finish drafting in a chat room session on Saturday, March 31st at 9:00 am ET. The Commissioner will create a random order of owners to determine draft position. The draft will commence by the top positioned owner making his/her pick and continuing through the owner with the last positioned pick. The second round will begin at the bottom position and work its way back up. The draft rounds will alternate directions until complete. Warn your family of March 31st, and turn off your pager; no excuses will be accepted. 

       30 players will be picked for each team. Each team should have as a  minimum: 1 for each field position (1,2,3,ss,c), 3 outfielders (any of position), 5 starting pitchers, and 1 relief pitcher. The other 16 players will provide backup players, designated hitter positions, and pitcher rotations 
(most owners pick between 8-12 pitchers). 

       Current owners get to freeze three players from last year if they wish. This means that these three players will be on their roster this year. However, they will lose a pick in the round the player was drafted in last year minus the number of years the player has been frozen. For example, I picked Alex Rodriguez the 12th round last year. When I freeze him this year I will use my 8th round pick since this is the 4th year he has been frozen.  

New owners get a choice of either

(a) an extra pick in the average of the freeze pick rounds based on each owner’s highest position freeze, second highest, and third highest (e.g., if the average of the highest-position freezes of current owners is 11...then the new owners get two picks in the 11th round...then we average the second-highest freezes, lets say 15...then new owners get two picks in the 15th and so on). If choosing this option, new owners do not get a draft pick in the final three rounds (28-30). 

or (b) freeze picks from the "leftovers" after the old owners have made their freeze selections. These would be from any previous rosters, based on the draft position from the previous year. 


       At the first of every month we will initiate a waiver draft. Owners can designate a player on their roster to drop (put on waivers), then we will complete a draft of unsigned players in reverse order of standings. Players picked up in the waiver draft are considered a 31st pick for next year’s freeze considerations. However, if you pick up a player on waivers who was initially picked in the preseason draft they will carry their original draft position into next year. 

       HOW TO PLAY

       Send in your lineups to The Commish by Monday noon of each week. If you do not do this then we will use your previous week lineups. The lineups apply for the next Monday-Sunday week. 

       The lineups should include: one 1B, one 2B, one 3B, one SS, one C, three OF, and 1 DH for hitters. All positions must be filled by a player who is eligible at that position. Each player starts eligible at only one position at the beginning of the season based on the position they played the most games in last season. Once a player starts over 5 games at a position this season they will be eligible at that position the rest of the season. The DH can come from any position or from actual MLB DHs 

       You will also submit in your lineups 5 pitchers and 1 relief pitcher. One strategy used often is to submit pitchers who will pitch  twice in the Mon-Sun week. 

       Owners will then tally the points for the Mon-Sun week. The points are tallied as follows for players in your lineup: 

       For Field Positions:
       Hit = 2 points 
       Run = 1 point 
       RBI = 2 points 
       HR = 2 points 
       SB = 2 points 
BB or HBP = 1 point 

       (a HR with no one on base is worth 7 points- hit-2 + Run-1 +RBI-2 + HR-1) 

       For Pitchers
       Strikeout = 1 point 
       Win = 35 points (unless it follows a blown save) 
       Loss = -10 points 
       Save = 15 points 
Complete Game = 10 point bonus 
       Shutout = 10 point bonus 
No-hitter = 10 point bonus 

       Owners will tally their own points for each Mon-Sun week for players in their lineup for that week. Team points for the week are due to Commish by Wednesday of the following week. Late point reports will be fined 25 points a day until submitted with a maximum of 100 points deducted. So arrange for a friend to tally and submit your points if you are going to be out of town. 


After August 15th no trades will be allowed. This will help us avoid any end of season trades that may cause problems with fair competition in light of the freeze rule and the potential that some owners may not play the following year. 

Otherwise, trades may occur at any time between any teams. The only limitations are that (a) equal numbers of players must be traded, e.g., two for two. Waiver draft picks may be traded for players, but not picks for the following season.  Players received in trades are ineligible until the start of the week after the trade is consummated. Points from players dealt away in mid-week trades still count until the end of the week in which they were traded. The Commish reserves the right to veto a trade that is clearly not in the spirit of competition (i.e., a deal that involves one team "selling out" to another). 


       The winner of the first half of the season will get 80$. 
       Second place of the first half will get 40$ 
       The winner of the second half of the season will get 80$ 
       Second place of the second half will get 40$ 

       The rest of the pot is divided by 26 to produce the amount weekly winners get:
       weekly winner = ($52 x 11) - $240 = $332/26 = $12.77 

       March 15th - Freezes due 
March 18th - New owners' freezes due
       March 31st, 9am ET - draft begins 
April 1st - $ in hand 
       April 2 - opening day