Disastros        521
GA Clones        488
Mudslingers        453
DCutters        437.7
Monkeys        384.7
Oaktown        384.3
Mystery Hill        369
Pirates            322.7


Disastros week 26
c    Varitek        14
1b    Helton        39
2b    Lopez        63
3b    Jones        21   
ss    Furcal        20
of    Abreu        23
of    Ramirez    59
of    Dunn        22
dh    Belliard    33
sp    Oswalt        76
sp    Clemens    37   
sp    Wakefield    34
sp    Wells        37
sp    Seo        40
rp    Hermanson    3
TOTAL = 521

But, here are my week 26 points.

Hernandez - 32 (except when he was hurt, he really did what I'd hoped)
Konerko - 46 (a little streaky, but good overall performance)
Polanco - 18 (a great pickup at 31)
Chavez - 31 (I guess his last 1/2 was worth the wait)
Barmes - 31 (damn deer meat)
Kotsay - 15 (another solid year for the Monkeys, even with the back)
Guerrero - 13 (never popped like I'd hoped he would - only got 4
                starts this week, dammit)
Mench - 15 (despite the Commish's disdain of Mench, he was a solid
             OF for the Monkeys - Thanks Irv.)
Peralta - 17 (Thanks to Slick Willy for throwing me this "bone" when
              he took Hall in the waiver draft - loved having a
              terrific player from the Tribe - wish they'd made the

Peavy - 13 (I lost his 2nd start to the playoffs)
Kazmir - 38 (I lost his 2nd start to save his arm for next year)
Capuano - -.66 (got an unexpected start from him - he lost)
Benson - 34.33
Burnett - 0 (lost his start to a temper tantrum)
Nathan - 72 (the Monkeys appreciate your service, Joe)

Total - 384.66

MeanMary, already looking forward to next Spring.

all of haiti is abuzz with the end of the regular baseball season.  now
attention can be turned to the truly urgent matters: placing a voodoo
curse on the commish for next season.  since steve was so critical of me
trading away all of my freezes for next year, i decided to start all of
the potential freezes that are *still* on my roster in the last week.
still think i gave everyone away, stevie boy???

week 26 points

hall        13
hillenbrand    -4 (stud)
cano        26 (possibly a freeze)
wright        48 (most likely a freeze)
gonzalez     0 (no shortstops left to play at end of season)
crawford     1 (huh?)
lane        31 (another possible freeze)
rios        12 (another possible freeze)
sizemore     3 (most likely a freeze)
willis        16 (really really want to freeze this guy)
maddux        12.33 (farethewell, hiawatha, farethewell)
haren        38 (another possible freeze)
ramirez        16.33 (hope he pitches like this against 'stros)
duke        74 (another sure freeze)
hoffman        24 (no freeze here, but solid year. go padres)

Though I started out in a hole, I worked my way out and ended up
playing for the second half. Though it was a lot of fun, it is
painful to know that Steve won again. I spent most of the week giving
him as much crap as I could, figuring the ending would be his, at
least I would get to needle him for 7 days. Unfortunatley, the next 6
months belong to him. Congrats to Steve and Joanthan for walking away
with all my money. Since the BoSox got off the schneid last year, I
guess I'll adopt their old mantra: Just Wait 'Til Next Year!

Week 26 Tally
Martinez - 18
Ortiz - 42
Counsell - 9
Rodriguez - 55
Tejada - 27
Burrell - 27
Lee - 26
Sheffield - 49
Cabrera - 25
Cain - 9.3
Claussen - 0.3
Loaiza - 36
Padilla - 38.3
Schilling - 48.3
Wagner - 42.7
TOTAL - 453

Another fantastic year of LSFBL.  Thanks to Steve for manipulating it
in his favor....err.... I mean, "being the great and wonderful

My season unravelled with the demise of Gagne but it was a load of
fun being in the top four the majority of the season.

Have a great winter.  Tim

Mystery Hill
Week 26 Results

c   I. Rodriguez/Methany      9
1   Delgado    FL                   7
2   Mueller   BOS                  14
ss   Jeter     NYY                   47      Thank God for the Pennant Race
3   Beltre   SEA                     12
of   Matsui    NYY                50         Thank God for the Pennant Race
of   Ibanez   SEA                   24
of   Crisp    CLE                   10
dh   Shelton   DET                18

sp   Santana    MIN                79
sp   Mussina    NYY             3
sp   Liriano    MIN                40
sp   Tomko    SF                   55
sp   Sosa    ATL                   1
rp   Looper   MET                0
                                              TOTAL      369

Pos    Batters    Total
 C    J. Kendall    27
 1B    R. Sexson    27
 2B    M. Giles     21
 3B    J. Randa    13
 SS    J. Rollins    52
 OF    L. Berkman    25
 OF    B. Clark    38
 OF    J. Gomes    3 (Regret is a painful pill.)
DH    A. Huff    21
 Pos    Pitchers    Total
 SP    J. Lieber    44
 SP    B. Myers    57.7
 SP    B. Webb    41
 SP    A. Eaton    48.3
 SP    B. McCarthy    35.3
 RP    F. Cordero    34.7
    Total    488

Well, I threw everything I had at da commish and he still managed to
beat me out. He took the 1st half from me in a surprising come from
behind fashion and Steve just plain slapped me around this week. With
5 SP getting double starts, everybody gave me 1 win, but no one stood
up and took their game to the next level.

Overall, I'll have to say that this was the most enjoyable LSFBL
season I have had, but also the most disappointing. In my 4 years in
the league, I have never won a half (despite having a shot at the
first half the last three yrs). I'll be back next year to try and
thwart Steve again. Until then, I can only hope that the Braves send
the Houston Stros home crying.  It was a great season everyone. Ya'll
take care.


Oaktown - wk 26
1b Swisher             24
2b Utley                 73
3b Blalock              12
ss Garciaparra       30
  c LaRue                  5
of M.Cabrera          31
of Winn                 56
of Damon              47
dh Hafner              20

sp E.Santana        75.7
sp Buehrle            11.7
sp J.Johnson           9
sp Weaver              1
sp Elarton             -11
rp C.Cordero          0
Total pts               384.4

DiamondCutters points
C Lo Duca                    2
1  Hinski TOR             49
2   Figgins LAA             45
ss Rentaria BOS           38
3   Freel CIN                38
OF Ichiro SEA                33
OF Gonzalez ARI           32     
OF Blake CLE                20
DH  Uribe/Gonzalez       34           
SP Sabathia CLE          32
SP Chen BAL               41
SP Bush TOR                7
SP Wells PIT             32.3
SP Millwood CLE         16
RP Street OAK             18.3
TOTAL                         437.6

Thanks all for a great ride. Didnt finish in last, thanks Steve for
picking me to finish last as usual.