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Waiver Draft #5: August 26, 2000

Here are the players picked and the waived players for each team (in parentheses):

1. Chiliheads (Hideki Irabu, sp, MON): Dave Justice, of, NYY
2. BarleyMalts (Ray Lankford, of, STL): Dan Reichert, sp, KC
3. DiamondCutters (Craig Biggio, 2b, HOU): Paul Abbott, sp, SEA
4. Yellowfin Tuna (Jason Schmidt, sp, PIT): Steve Sparks, sp, DET
5. Mystery Hill (Mark McGwire, 1b, STL): Todd Jones, rp, DET
6. Mudslingers (Scott Erickson, sp, BAL): Bret Boone, 2b, SD
7. GoofBalls (Erubiel Durazo, 1b, ARZ): Mark Redman, sp, MIN
8. Disastros (Carl Pavano, sp, MON): Jeff D’Amico, sp, MIL


Waiver Draft #1
1. Yellowfin Tuna:   Rafael Furcal, ss, ATL
2. Dahlonega Disastros:  Carl Pavano, sp, MON
3. DiamondCutters:  Pokey Reese, 2b, CIN
4. Mudslingers:  Terry Mulholland, sp, ATL
5. Chiliheads:   Jaret Wright, sp, CLE
6. Mystery Hill II:   Jeff Fassero, sp, BOS
7. BarleyMalts:   Adam Kennedy, 2b, ANA
8. GoofBalls:   Mike Bordick, ss, BAL

The following players no longer have a uniform:
Tuna:  Mike Jackson, rp, PHI
Disastros: Tony Clark, 1b, DET
DiamondCutters: Livan Hernandez, sp, SF
Mudslingers: Pat Burrell, of, PHI
Chiliheads:  Corey Koskie, 3b, MIN
Mystery Hill II: Tony Gwynn, of, SD
BarleyMalts: Brady Anderson, of, BAL
GoofBalls: Dave Mlicki, sp, DET

Waiver Draft #2
1. Tuna: James Baldwin, sp, CHW
2. BarleyMalts: Garrett Stephenson, sp, STL
3. DiamondCutters: Mitch Meluskey, c, HOU
4. Disastros: Jose Vidro, 2b, MON
5. MHill II: Ryan Dempster, sp, FLA
6. GoofBalls: Steve Finley, of, ARZ
7. Mudslingers: Ben Molina, c, ANA
8. Chiliheads: Ken Caminiti, 3b, HOU

Players waived for June waiver draft:
1. Yellowfin Tuna (Sterling Hitchcock, sp, SD)
2. BarleyMalts (Adam Kennedy, 2b, ANA)
3. DiamondCutters (Todd Walker, 2b, MIN)
4. Disastros (Justin Thompson, sp, TEX)
5. Mystery Hill II (Paul Shuey, rp, CLE)
6. GoofBalls (Steve Woodard, sp, MIL)
7. Mudslingers (Alex Gonzalez, ss, TOR)
8. Chiliheads (Ryan Rupe, sp, TB)

Waiver Draft #3
1. BarleyMalts (Juan Guzman, sp, TB): Cal Eldred, sp, CHW
2. Yellowfin Tuna (Jeff Shaw, rp, LA): Antonio Alfonseca, rp, FLA
3. GoofBalls (Paul Byrd, sp, PHI): Gil Meche, sp, SEA
4. DiamondCutters (Shane Andrews, 3b, CHC): Edgar Martinez, dh, SEA
5. Disastros (Billy Wagner, rp, HOU): Mike Sirotka, sp, CHW
6. Mudslingers (Ben Molina, c, ANA): John Burkett, sp, ATL
7. Mystery Hill II (Jose Rosado, sp, KC): Woody Williams, sp, SD
8. Chiliheads (Ruben Mateo, of, TEX): Jim Parque, sp, CHW

Waiver Draft #4
1. DiamondCutters (Eric Chavez): Shawn Estes, sp, SF
2. Chiliheads (Carlos Beltran): Adam Eaton, sp, SD
3. BarleyMalts (Brian Rose): Garrett Anderson, of, ANA
4. Yellowfin Tuna (John Jaha): Frank Castillo, sp, TOR
5. GoofBalls (Jose Hernandez): Ben Grieve, of, OAK
6. Mystery Hill II (Warren Morris): Livan Hernandez, sp, SF
7. Disastros (Michael Barrett): Glendon Rusch, sp, NYM
8. Mudslingers (Alex Fernandez): Jason Bere, sp, CLE

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