League History

The LSFBL was founded in 1995 via the joint efforts of Bill McIntosh, Colin Crothers, and Steve Smith, who had played
in an unnamed fantasy league while at the University of Georgia. and decided that they missed it. Among the charter owners
were Bill, Colin (and his wife Doris, who had taken a job at Appalachian State), Steve Smith, Irv Culpepper, Peter McDonald (NGCSU),
and Brian Clancy (who, ironically, is responsible for our league's name even though he is from Philadelphia and was notorious for making
lopsided trades just to acquire his favorite Phillies). Early drafts were held mostly over the phone -- we had yet to even hear of the "World Wide Web."

Appalachian State's influence on the league began to grow with the addition of Doug Waring and Tim Ludwig in 1996, and the draft
was held over e-mail. This was the year Tim drafted Derek Jeter and the Disastros drafted Alex Rodriguez. Within two years, these two
players' performances convinced the other owners to demand revised freeze rules to prevent players from spending their entire
careers on one person's roster. Dave Klein also joined the league in 1996, and was a pioneer on two fronts: (1) his ability to mine the
internet for player info led to his 1997 title and served as a lesson to us all; (2) his constant rule change requests established a norm
which has carried to the present (rule changes were uncommon in the earlier, UGA-only version of the league).

League Champions

 1995   Bill McIntosh (team name unknown)
1996    Dahlonega Disastros   
1997    Austin Excelerators
1998    Dahlonega Disastros
1999    Dahlonega Disastros
2000    Mystery Hill   
2001     Dahlonega Disastros
2002    Blue Ridge Chiliheads
2003    Mystery Hill
2004    Mystery Hill
2005    Dahlonega Disastros

League Owners

Bill McIntosh (1995-1997)
Colin Crothers (1995-1999)
Steve Smith (1995-present)
Irv Culpepper (1995-present)
Brian Clancy (1995-1998)
Peter McDonald (1995-1996)
Tim Ludwig (1996-present)
Doug Waring (1996-present)
Dave Klein (1996-1998)
Steve Clarke (1997-present)
Richard Smith (1998-2002; 2004-present)
Tim Huelsman (1998-present)
Rick Milleman (1998-present)
Julian Jolly (2000-2002)
Art Sandoval (2001-2005)
Jonathon Wetherington (2002-present)
Kyle Waring (2002-present)
Stephen Williams (2003-present)
Mary Ballard (2004-present)