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  Lone Star Fantasy Baseball League

Da Commish's First Half Recap

We begin the recap, as usual, by checking on my preseason forecast.  I had graciously picked my team to finish second behind Jonathon -- of course everyone knows that I was just being gracious and fully expected to win the first half.

Team                        Predicted finish/Actual Finish

GA Clones                             1st./2nd
Disastros                                2nd/1st
Mystery Hill                            3rd/5th
Yellowfin Tuna                        4th/8th
Chiliheads                               5th/6th
Mudslingers                            6th/9th
BarleyMalts                            7th/4th
Oaktown                                8th/3rd
Goofballs                                9th/9th
Playalistics                              10th/12th
Monkeys                                11th/7th
DCutters                                 12th/13th
Pirates                                    13th/11th

It has to hurt y'all to see my predictions be so close to the truth. I was pretty far off on Oaktown, and am still not exactly sure how he ended up in third place. The Tuna were the great underpeformers of the first half, with Barry Bonds and Jim Thome unfolding as major busts and Randy Johnson not exactly pitching like we're used to seeing. The Monkeys exceeded my expectations -- and, I'm willing to bet, their owner's.

The first half's biggest surprises/draft bargains:
1. Brian Roberts (13th round, Mystery Hill) -- I can't believe Palmeiro got busted and this guy escaped
2. Morgan Ensberg (25th round, Disastros) -- wish he had gotten hot a little before I waived him
3. Gustavo Chacin (28th round, Goofballs) -- basically on nobody's radar except Clarke's back in the likely ROY in the junior circuit
4. Chad Cordero (23rd round, Oaktown) -- pretty nice to have your backup become the league's top reliever, huh Art
5. Jon Garland (22nd round, Chiliheads) -- he was a huge bust for about half of the league at one point or another before exploding with the Chilis
6. Cliff Floyd (27th round, Playalistics) -- I can't believe he is on pace for almost 600 at bats
7.  Ken Griffey Jr. (15th round, Playalistics) -- I can't believe he played an entire half, forget a whole season
8.  Dontrelle Willis (5th round, Pirates) -- some of us thought he was a reach this early, but the D-Train was amazing for most of the first half
9. Andruw Jones (6th round, Mystery Hill) -- pretty weird that the likely NL MVP has already been dealt twice in the LSFBL.
10. Julio Lugo (15th round, Tuna) -- probably nobody but Richard knows that he's been among the top 5 shortstops in points this year

The first half's biggest disappointments:

1. Barry Bonds (3rd round, Yellowfin Tuna) --  nothing really needs to be said, now does it?
2. Jim Thome (5th round, Tuna) -- RichieBo pulls off the 1-2 sweep
3. Ivan Rodriguez (3rd round, DCutters) --  has the distinction of disappointing the most different owners this year (3)
4. Kelvim Escobar (5th round, Goofballs) -- he disappointed the second most (2)
5. C.C. Sabathia (4th round, DCutters) -- has moved into the David Wells class now, but not with his pitching
6. Curt Schilling (1st round, Pirates) -- he's become a rather expensive closer...and not a very good one
7. Mike Piazza (6th round, DCutters) -- he has been hot lately but we cannot let that obscure his miserable first half
8. Scott Rolen (1st round, BMalts) -- of course it is because he has been hurt, but he's been outscored by Tony Graffanino
9. Corey Patterson (6th round, Chiliheads) -- it's safe to assume your owner is disappointed when you can't even hit AAA pitching
10. Kevin Brown (6th round, Mudslingers) -- hard to figure why Rick wanted the old fossil so badly, but 4 wins from a 6th round pick is pitiful