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  Lone Star Fantasy Baseball League
2005 Draft Analysis

Round 1                           
1. Oaktown Stars: Alex Rodriguez, 3b, NYY
2. Hog Mt. Mudslingers: Miguel Tejada, ss, BAL
3. Martial Monkeys: Vladimir Guerrero,of, ANA
4. Georgia Clones: Jason Schmidt, sp, SF
5. Port-au-Prince Pirates: Curt Schilling, sp, BOS
6. Mystery Hill: Todd Helton, 1b, COL
7. Blue Ridge Chiliheads: Carlos Beltran, of, NYM
8. Yellowfin Tuna: Bobby Abreu, of, PHI
9. DiamondCutters: Ichiro Suzuki, of, SEA
10. Goofballs: Mark Mulder, sp, STL
11. Barley Malts: Scott Rolen, 3b, STL
12. Disastros: Pedro Martinez, sp, NYM
13. Playalistics: Manny Ramirez, of, BOS

Best pick: Manny Ramirez, but most all of them were good picks of course
Worst pick: Mulder, who would have been available in round 2

Round 2                           
1. Playalistics: Gary Sheffield, of, NYY
2. Disastros: Ben Sheets, sp, MIL
3. Barley Malts: Mark Teixeira, 1b, TEX
4. Goofballs: Barry Zito, sp, OAK
5. DiamondCutters: Tim Hudson, sp, ATL
6. Yellowfin Tuna: Randy Johnson, sp, NYY
7. Blue Ridge Chiliheads: Mariano Rivera, rp, NYY
8. Mystery Hill: Roger Clemens, sp, HOU
9. Pirates: Carl Crawford, of, TB
10. Clones: Derek Jeter, ss, NYY
11. Monkeys: Eric Chavez, 3b, OAK
12. Mudslingers: Mike Mussina, sp, NYY            
13. Oaktown: John Smoltz, sp, ATL        

Best pick: Tim Hudson, a likely 20-game winner
Worst pick: Barry Zito, who would have been available in round 4

Round 3                           
1. Oaktown: Nomar Garciaparra, ss, CHC           
2. Mudslingers: David Ortiz, 1b, BOS            
3. Martial Monkeys: Edgar Renteria, ss, STL       
4. Georgia Clones: Mark Buehrle, sp, CHW           
5. Port-au-Prince Pirates: Aubrey Huff, 3b, TB       
6. Mystery Hill: Jimmy Rollins, ss, PHI           
7. Blue Ridge Chiliheads: Bartolo Colon, sp, ANA       
8. Yellowfin Tuna: Barry Bonds, of, SF           
9. DiamondCutters: Ivan Rodriguez, c, DET               
10. Goofballs:    Jim Edmonds, of, STL               
11. Barley Malts: Roy Halladay, sp, TOR               
12. Disastros: Mark Prior, sp, CHC                   
13. Playalistics: Josh Beckett, sp, FLA

Best pick: Bonds, if he comes back in May (I also like the Prior selection)
Worst pick: Bonds, if he retires

Round 4                           
1. Playalistics: Carlos Delgado, 1b, FLA
2. Disastros: Rafael Furcal, ss, ATL
3. Barley Malts: Jeff Kent, 2b, LA
4. Goofballs: Hideki Matsui, of, NYY
5. DiamondCutters: C.C. Sabathia, sp, CLE
6. Yellowfin Tuna: Aramis Ramirez, 3b, CHC
7. Blue Ridge Chiliheads: Freddy Garcia, sp, CHW
8. Mystery Hill: Johan Santana, sp, MIN
9. Pirates: Jake Westbrook, sp, CLE
10. Clones: Kerry Wood, sp, CHC
11. Monkeys: A.J. Burnett, sp, FLA
12. Mudslingers: Greg Maddux, sp, CHC
13. Oaktown: Johnny Damon, of, BOS

With the aces all gone, #2 starters go like crazy.
Best pick: Matsui, who will finally hit like Godzilla
Worst pick: Westbrook, a late 7th rounder in my opinion

Round 5                           
1. Oaktown: Jon Lieber, sp, PHI
2. Mudslingers: Carlos Lee, of, MIL
3. Martial Monkeys: Joe Nathan, rp, MIN
4. Georgia Clones: Matt Clement, sp, BOS
5. Port-au-Prince Pirates: Dontrelle Willis, sp, FLA
6. Mystery Hill: Jason Kendall, c, OAK
7. Blue Ridge Chiliheads: Alfonso Soriano, 2b, Texas
8. Yellowfin Tuna: Jim Thome, 1b, PHI
9. DiamondCutters: Paul LoDuca, c, FLA
10. Goofballs: Kelvim Escobar, sp, ANA
11. Barley Malts: Brad Radke, sp, MIN
12. Disastros: Adam Dunn, of, CIN
13. Playalistics: Livan Hernandez, sp, WAS

Best pick: Clement, who will win 18 now that he’ll get run support
Worst pick: Jon Lieber, who won’t win 18, or even 14 for that matter

Round 6                           
1. Playalistics: Jason Isringhausen, rp, STL
2. Disastros: Derrek Lee, 1b, CHC
3. Barley Malts: Keith Foulke, rp, BOS
4. Goofballs: Brian Giles, of, SD
5. DiamondCutters: Mike Piazza, 1b, NYM
6. Yellowfin Tuna: Vernon Wells, of, TOR
7. Blue Ridge Chiliheads: Corey Patterson, of, CHC
8. Mystery Hill: Andruw Jones, of, ATL
9. Pirates: Scott Podsednik, of, CHW
10. Clones: Magglio Ordonez, of, DET
11. Monkeys: Paul Konerko, 1b, CHW
12. Mudslingers: Kevin Brown, sp, NYY
13. Oaktown: Sammy Sosa, of, BAL

For one round at least, the LSFBL comes to it senses and drafts some guys that can hit the baseball.
Best pick: Brown, if he has a healthy season. Since he won’t, it will be Foulke.
Worst pick: Patterson, whose fantasy value in the media is based on his SBs (and the fact that few leagues count Ks against you)

Round 7                           
1. Oaktown: Jarrod Washburn, sp, ANA
2. Mudslingers: Lance Berkman, of, HOU
3. Martial Monkeys: Jake Peavy, sp, SD
4. Georgia Clones: Javier Vazquez, sp, ARZ
5. Port-au-Prince Pirates: Noah Lowry, sp, SF
6. Mystery Hill: Derek Lowe, sp, LA
7. Blue Ridge Chiliheads: Richie Sexson, 1b, SEA
8. Yellowfin Tuna: Andy Pettitte, sp, HOU
9. DiamondCutters: Kevin Millwood, sp, CLE
10. Goofballs: Bret Boone, 2b, SEA
11. Barley Malts: J.D. Drew, of, LA
12. Disastros: Jason Varitek, c, BOS
13. Playalistics: Mike Hampton, sp, ATL

And the ridiculous run on starting pitchers resumes.
Best pick: Berkman, who appears on track to return in a couple of weeks.
Worst pick: Lowry may be good some day, but he sure isn’t a star now.

Round 8                           
1. Playalistics: Tom Glavine, sp, NYM
2. Disastros: Chipper Jones, 3b, ATL
3. Barley Malts: Odalis Perez, sp, LA
4. Goofballs: Orlando Cabrera, ss, ANA
5. DiamondCutters: Bobby Crosby, ss, OAK
6. Yellowfin Tuna: Jose Reyes, 2b, NYM
7. Blue Ridge Chiliheads: Jorge Posada, c, NYY
8. Mystery Hill: John Thomson, sp, ATL
9. Pirates: Luis Castillo, 2b, FLA
10. Clones: Justin Morneau, 1b, MIN
11. Monkeys: Kris Benson, sp, NYM
12. Mudslingers: Al Leiter, sp, FLA
13. Oaktown: Jeff Weaver, sp, LA

Best pick: Orlando Cabrera, who always seems to get picked later than he should.
Worst pick: Odalis Perez, whose 7 wins last year impressed Huelsman more than the rest of us – by about 5 rounds.

Round 9                           
1. Oaktown: Bronson Arroyo, sp, BOS
2. Mudslingers: Woody Williams, sp, SD
3. Martial Monkeys: Pat Burrell, of, PHI
4. Georgia Clones: Garrett Anderson, of, ANA
5. Port-au-Prince Pirates: Rodrigo Lopez, sp, BAL
6. Mystery Hill: Ted Lilly, sp, TOR
7. Blue Ridge Chiliheads: Paul Byrd, sp, ANA
8. Yellowfin Tuna: Randy Wolf, sp, PHI
9. DiamondCutters: Khalil Greene, ss, SD
10. Goofballs: John Lackey, sp, ANA
11. Barley Malts: Brad Penny, sp, LA
12. Disastros: David Wells, sp, BOS
13. Playalistics: Jose Vidro, 2b, WAS

Gee, you think we got enough pitchers this round?
Best pick: Arroyo, who may very well be a long reliever in 5 weeks.
Worst pick: Khalil Greene’s Web Gems aren’t going to help his owner’s bank account.

Round 10                               
1. Playalistics: Joe Mauer, c, MIN
2. Disastros: Mike Lowell, 3b, FLA
3. Barley Malts: Mike Lieberthal, c, PHI
4. Goofballs: Victor Martinez, c, CLE
5. DiamondCutters: Luis Gonzalez, of, ARZ
6. Yellowfin Tuna: Shawn Green, 1b, ARZ
7. Blue Ridge Chiliheads: Troy Glaus, dh, ARZ
8. Mystery Hill: Jose Guillen, of, WAS
9. Pirates: Cesar Izturis, ss, LA
10. Clones: Dallas McPherson, 3b, ANA
11. Monkeys: Ramon Hernandez, c, SD
12. Mudslingers: Jeff Suppan, sp, STL
13. Oaktown: Michael Barrett, c, CHC

Best pick: Glaus
Worst pick: none really qualifies, nice job everyone! Give yourselves a pat on the back.

Round 11                           
1. Oaktown: Lyle Overbay, 1b, MIL
2. Mudslingers: Billy Wagner, rp, PHI
3. Martial Monkeys: Erik Bedard, sp, BAL
4. Georgia Clones: Francisco Cordero, rp, TEX
5. Port-au-Prince Pirates: Horacio Ramirez, sp, ATL
6. Mystery Hill: Coco Crisp, of, CLE
7. Blue Ridge Chiliheads Kyle Lohse, sp, MIN
8. Yellowfin Tuna: Carl Pavano, sp, NYY
9. DiamondCutters: Pedro Feliz, 1b, SF
10. Goofballs: Brad Wilkerson, 1b, WAS
11. Barley Malts: Lew Ford, of, MIN
12. Disastros: Russ Ortiz, sp, ARZ
13. Playalistics: Daniel Cabrera, sp, BAL

Best pick: Russ Ortiz – a lock for 200 IP and has never won fewer than 14
Worst pick: Overbay – a first-sacker who hits just 16 HR is bad enough, but he fanned 128 times to boot       

Round 12                           
1. Playalistics: Brian Lawrence, sp, SD
2. Disastros: Preston Wilson, of, COL
3. Barley Malts: Matt Morris, sp, STL
4. Goofballs: Brandon Webb, sp, ARZ
5. DiamondCutters: Eric Hinske, 3b, TOR
6. Yellowfin Tuna: A.J. Pierzynski, c, CHW
7. Blue Ridge Chiliheads: Joel Pineiro, sp, SEA
8. Mystery Hill: Brett Tomko, sp, SF
9. Pirates: Danny Haren, sp, OAK
10. Clones: Kevin Mench, of, TEX
11. Monkeys: Oliver Perez, sp, PIT
12. Mudslingers: Javy Lopez, c, BAL
13. Oaktown: Carlos Zambrano, sp, CHC

Best pick: Pineiro, even though he starts the year on the DL it would be surprising if he didn’t win 12-16 games
Worst pick: Preston Wilson, who of course will never recapture the magic of 2003.       

Round 13                           
1. Oaktown: Armando Benitez, rp, SF
2. Mudslingers: Corey Koskie, 3b, TOR
3. Martial Monkeys: Craig Wilson, of, PIT
4. Georgia Clones: Chris Carpenter, sp, STL
5. Port-au-Prince Pirates: Bobby Madritsch, sp, SEA
6. Mystery Hill: Brian Roberts, 2b, BAL
7. Blue Ridge Chiliheads: Torii Hunter, of, MIN
8. Yellowfin Tuna: Craig Biggio, of, HOU
9. DiamondCutters: Ryan Drese, sp, TEX
10. Goofballs: Adam Eaton, sp, SD
11. Barley Malts: Doug Davis, sp, MIL
12. Disastros: Todd Walker, 2b, CHC
13. Playalistics: Kenny Rogers, sp, TEX

Best pick: Brian Roberts, taken from my grasp by the conniving Tim Ludwig. (And I wrote this before the season even started!)
Worst pick: Madritsch. Now just what the hell is that.

Round 14                           
1. Playalistics: Garrett Atkins, 3b, COL
2. Disastros: Octavio Dotel, rp, OAK
3. Barley Malts: Cliff Lee, sp, CLE
4. Goofballs: Ben Broussard, 1b, CLE
5. DiamondCutters: Jerome Williams, sp, SF
6. Yellowfin Tuna: Jeff Bagwell, 1b, HOU
7. Blue Ridge Chiliheads: Jason Giambi, 1b, NYY
8. Mystery Hill: Eric Milton, sp, CIN
9. Pirates: Juan Pierre, of, FLA
10. Clones: Hank Blalock, 3b, TEX
11. Monkeys: Jeremy Reed, of, SEA
12. Mudslingers: Tadahito Iguchi, 2b, CHW
13. Oaktown: Joe Kennedy, sp, COL

Best pick: Milton, who I guess got passed over for his ERA.
Worst pick: Ben Broussard, the poor man’s Lyle Overbay.        

Round 15                           
1. Oaktown: Ismael Valdes, sp, FLA
2. Mudslingers: Cory Lidle, sp, PHI
3. Martial Monkeys: Mark Loretta, 2b, SD
4. Georgia Clones: Steve Finley, of, ANA
5. Port-au-Prince Pirates: Trevor Hoffman, rp, SD
6. Mystery Hill: Orlando Hernandez, sp, CHW
7. Blue Ridge Chiliheads: Melvin Mora, 3b, BAL
8. Yellowfin Tuna: Brandon Backe, sp, HOU
9. DiamondCutters: David Bush, sp, TOR
10. Goofballs: Joe Blanton, sp, OAK
11. Barley Malts: Carlos Silva, sp, MIN
12. Disastros: Gil Meche, sp, SEA
13. Playalistics: Ken Griffey Jr., of, CIN

Best pick: Steve Finley. Like a fine wine.
Worst pick: Ismael Valdes…has he stayed in a rotation for a full season…ever?

Round 16                           
1. Playalistics: Ramon Ortiz, sp, CIN
2. Disastros: Wade Miller, sp, BOS
3. Barley Malts: Sidney Ponson, sp, BAL
4. Goofballs: Sean Casey, 1b, CIN
5. DiamondCutters: Jose Mesa, rp, PIT
6. Yellowfin Tuna: Richard Hidalgo, of, TEX
7. Blue Ridge Chiliheads: Brett Myers, sp, PHI
8. Mystery Hill: Jose Contreras, sp, CHW
9. Pirates: Gavin Floyd, sp, PHI
10. Clones: Marcus Giles, 2b, ATL
11. Monkeys: Chris Capuano, sp, MIL
12. Mudslingers: Jaret Wright, sp, NYY
13. Oaktown: Trot Nixon, of, BOS

Best pick: Richard Hidalgo. He’s going to love that home field.
Worst pick: Chris Capuano, mainly because he would have been available in round 25.

Round 17                           
1. Oaktown: Jason Johnson, sp, DET
2. Mudslingers: Aaron Boone, 3b, CLE
3. Martial Monkeys: Zach Day, sp, WAS
4. Georgia Clones: Vicente Padilla, sp, PHI
5. Port-au-Prince Pirates: Nate Robertson, sp, DET
6. Mystery Hill: Raul Ibanez, of, SEA
7. Blue Ridge Chiliheads: Austin Kearns, of, CIN
8. Yellowfin Tuna: Jamie Moyer, sp, SEA
9. DiamondCutters: Eddie Guardado, rp, SEA
10. Goofballs: Vinny Castilla, 3b, WAS
11. Barley Malts: Albert Pujols, of, STL
12. Disastros: Larry Walker, of, STL
13. Playalistics: Mike Sweeney, 1b, KC

Best pick: Jamie Moyer. He sucked last year, but it certainly wasn’t because he lost the zip on his fastball. He will bounce back.
Worst pick: Freezing Larry Walker doesn’t really qualify, but that was a very bad idea.

Round 18                           
1. Playalistics: Kazuhisa Ishii, sp, NYM
2. Disastros: Paul Wilson, sp, CIN
3. Barley Malts: Matt Lawton, of, PIT
4. Goofballs: Orlando Hudson, 2b, TOR
5. DiamondCutters: Mike Maroth, sp, DET
6. Yellowfin Tuna: Randy Winn, of, SEA
7. Blue Ridge Chiliheads: Aaron Harang, sp, CIN
8. Mystery Hill: Jack Wilson, ss, PIT
9. Pirates: Eric Byrnes, of, OAK
10. Clones: Kip Wells, sp, PIT
11. Monkeys: Michael Cuddyer, 2b, MIN
12. Mudslingers: Kevin Millar, of, BOS
13. Oaktown: Phil Nevin, 1b, SD

Best pick: Phil Nevin. I guess people sort of forgot he can hit 40 HRs.
Worst pick: Michael Cuddyer. Who cares if he’s 2b-eligible? He sucks.

Round 19                            4
1. Oaktown: Dewon Brazelton, sp, TB
2. Mudslingers: Jermaine Dye, of, CHW
3. Martial Monkeys: Clint Barmes, ss, COL
4. Georgia Clones: Yadier Molina, c, STL
5. Port-au-Prince Pirates: Shea Hillenbrand, 1b, TOR
6. Mystery Hill: Moises Alou, of, SF
7. Blue Ridge Chiliheads: Chris Young, sp, TEX
8. Yellowfin Tuna: Julio Lugo, ss, TB
9. DiamondCutters: Erubiel Durazo, dh, OAK
10. Goofballs: Esteban Loaiza, sp, WAS
11. Barley Malts: Jason Marquis, sp, STL
12. Disastros: Geoff Jenkins, of, MIL
13. Playalistics: Michael Young, ss, TEX

Best pick: Esteban Loaiza, but I liked several picks in this round, all except Lugo, Brazelton, Molina, and…
Worst pick: Shea Hillenbrand, the least powerful 1b available since Overbay was already gone.

Round 20                            2
1. Playalistics: Jose Castillo, 2b, PIT
2. Disastros: Tim Wakefield, sp, BOS
3. Barley Malts: Brandon Inge, 3b, DET
4. Goofballs: David Eckstein, ss, STL
5. DiamondCutters: B.J. Ryan, rp, BAL
6. Yellowfin Tuna: Joe Mays, sp, MIN
7. Blue Ridge Chiliheads: Troy Percival, rp, DET
8. Mystery Hill: Eric Gagne, rp, LA
9. Pirates: Jason Lane, of, HOU
10. Clones: Jason Bartlett, ss, MIN
11. Monkeys: Mark Kotsay, of, OAK
12. Mudslingers: Toby Hall, c, TB
13. Oaktown: D’Angelo Jimenez, 2b, CIN

Best pick: I really liked seeing Wakefield on the board here, several rounds after people started snapping up mediocre starters on crappy teams.
Worst pick: Jose Castillo. Is he actually in the majors?

Round 21                           
1. Oaktown: Nick Swisher, of, OAK
2. Mudslingers: Victor Zambrano, sp, NYM
3. Martial Monkeys: Guillermo Mota, rp, FLA
4. Georgia Clones: Tony Womack, 2b, NYY
5. Port-au-Prince Pirates: Johnny Estrada, c, ATL
6. Mystery Hill: Braden Looper, rp, NYM
7. Blue Ridge Chiliheads: J.D. Closser, c, COL
8. Yellowfin Tuna: John Buck, c, KC
9. DiamondCutters: Jeremy Bonderman, sp, DET
10. Goofballs: Ty Wigginton, 3b, PIT
11. Barley Malts: Omar Vizquel, ss, SF
12. Disastros: Roy Oswalt, sp, HOU
13. Playalistics: Felix Hernandez, sp, SEA

Best pick: Omar Vizquel. A hell of a backup shortstop!
Worst pick: Womack. Doesn’t matter who he plays for, he’s a singles hitter who strikes out a lot…and he’ll be batting 9th.

Round 22
1. Playalistics: Russ Adams, ss, TOR
2. Disastros: Rafael Palmeiro, 1b, BAL
3. Barley Malts: Carlos Guillen, ss, DET
4. Goofballs: Francisco Rodriguez, rp, ANA
5. DiamondCutters: Kirk Saarloos, sp, OAK
6. Yellowfin Tuna: Chris Burke, 2b, HOU
7. Blue Ridge Chiliheads: Jon Garland, sp, CHW
8. Mystery Hill: Frank Thomas, dh, CHW
9. Pirates: Alexis Rios, of, TOR
10. Clones: Jeromy Burnitz, of, CHC
11. Monkeys: Bruce Chen, sp, BAL
12. Mudslingers: Shingo Takatsu, rp, CHW
13. Oaktown: Aaron Miles, 2b, COL

Best pick: Burnitz. Strikes out a lot, but no longer has to face Prior, Wood and Zambrano.
Worst pick: Bruce Chen gets the nod     over Frank Thomas since only Chen is capable of scoring negative points for the first half of the season.

Round 23
1. Oaktown: Chad Cordero, rp, MON
2. Mudslingers: Shannon Stewart, of, MIN
3. Martial Monkeys: Rod Barajas, c, TEX
4. Georgia Clones: Brandon McCarthy, sp, CHW
5. Port-au-Prince Pirates: Jhonny Peralta, ss, CLE
6. Mystery Hill: Adrian Beltre, 3b, SEA
7. Blue Ridge Chiliheads: Omar Infante, 2b, DET
8. Yellowfin Tuna: Kirk Rueter, sp, SF
9. DiamondCutters: Danny Graves, rp, CIN
10. Goofballs: David DeJesus, of, KC
11. Barley Malts: Danys Baez, rp, TB
12. Disastros: Milton Bradley, of, LA
13. Playalistics: Miguel Olivo, c, SEA

Best pick: Shannon Stewart. As long as he is in the lineup.
Worst pick: Milton Bradley. I guess I just like trouble.        

Round 24
1. Playalistics: Matt Holliday, of, COL
2. Disastros: Ray Durham, 2b, SF
3. Barley Malts: Jason Bay, of, PIT
4. Goofballs: Josh Fogg, sp, PIT
5. DiamondCutters: Casey Blake, 3b, CLE
6. Yellowfin Tuna: Edgardo Alfonzo, 3b, SF
7. Blue Ridge Chiliheads: Cristian Guzman, ss, WAS
8. Mystery Hill: Bill Mueller, 3b, BOS
9. Pirates: Ronnie Belliard, 2b, CLE
10. Clones: Scott Hatteberg, 1b, OAK
11. Monkeys: Carlos Pena, 1b, DET
12. Mudslingers: Scott Elarton, sp, CLE
13. Oaktown: Alex Gonzalez, ss, FLA

Best pick: Edgardo Alfonzo. Fonzie can still play.
Worst pick: Scott Elarton. Vast potential – 5 years ago, before he blew his arm out.

Round 25
1. Oaktown: Jason LaRue, c, CIN
2. Mudslingers: Hee Seop Choi, 1b, LA
3. Martial Monkeys: Wil Ledezma, sp, DET
4. Georgia Clones: Tony Armas, sp, WAS
5. Port-au-Prince Pirates: Adam LaRoche, 1b, ATL
6. Mystery Hill: Mark Bellhorn, 2b, BOS
7. Blue Ridge Chiliheads: Jason Jennings, sp, COL
8. Yellowfin Tuna: Mark Redman, sp, PIT
9. DiamondCutters: Jason Phillips, c, LA
10. Goofballs: Jose Cruz, of, ARZ
11. Barley Malts: Dmitri Young, dh, DET
12. Disastros: Morgan Ensberg, 3b, HOU
13. Playalistics: Tomo Ohka, sp, MON

Best pick: Dmitri Young. Three HRs on opening day…too bad they didn’t count!
Worst pick: Hee Sucks.

Round 26
1. Playalistics: Aaron Rowand, of, CHW
2. Disastros: Willy Taveras, of, HOU
3. Barley Malts: Mark Grudzielanek, 2b, STL
4. Goofballs: LaTroy Hawkins, rp, CHC
5. DiamondCutters: Jacque Jones, of, MIN
6. Yellowfin Tuna: Zack Greinke, sp, KC
7. Blue Ridge Chiliheads: Craig Monroe, of, DET
8. Mystery Hill: Jose Lima, sp, KC
9. Pirates: Damian Miller, c, MIL
10. Clones: Dan Meyer, sp, OAK
11. Monkeys: Wily Mo Pena, of, CIN
12. Mudslingers: Joe Crede, 3b, CHW
13. Oaktown: Mark Teahen, 3b, KC

Best pick: Willy Taveras. Watch him go.
Worst pick: Jose Lima. Watch them go.

Round 27
1. Oaktown: Travis Hafner, dh, CLE
2. Mudslingers:  Kaz Matsui, ss, NYM
3. Martial Monkeys: Rob Bell, sp, TB
4. Georgia Clones: Robb Quinlan, 3b, ANA
5. Port-au-Prince Pirates: Dan Kolb, rp, ATL
6. Mystery Hill: Shawn Estes, sp, ARZ
7. Blue Ridge Chiliheads: Runelvys Hernandez, sp, KC
8. Yellowfin Tuna: Adam Everett, ss, HOU
9. DiamondCutters: Huston Street, rp, OAK
10. Goofballs: Brian Schneider, c, WAS
11. Barley Malts: Reggie Sanders, of, STL
12. Disastros: Bengie Molina, c, ANA
13. Playalistics: Cliff Floyd, of, NYM

Best pick: Reggie Sanders. It’s an odd year, and he’s an odd sort of hitter. 
Worst pick: Huston Street. This was a pure spite pick. And that’s before you consider that the team drafting him was already carrying four RPs.

Round 28
1. Playalistics: Jason Davis, sp, CLE
2. Disastros: Ezequiel Astacio, sp, HOU
3. Barley Malts: Adam Wainwright, sp, STL
4. Goofballs: Gustavo Chacin, sp, TOR
5. DiamondCutters: Jorge Cantu, 2b, TB
6. Yellowfin Tuna: Luke Hudson, sp, CIN
7. Blue Ridge Chiliheads: Angel Berroa, ss, KC
8. Mystery Hill: Raul Mondesi, of, ATL
9. Pirates: Grady Sizemore, of, CLE
10. Clones: Jeremy Affeldt, rp, KC
11. Monkeys: Casey Kotchman, 1b, ANA
12. Mudslingers: Rich Harden, sp, OAK
13. Oaktown: Miguel Cabrera, of, FLA

Best pick: Wainwright. Perfect insurance for the league’s Matt Morris owner.
Worst pick: Raul Mondesi. About as likely to put together a useful season for the Braves this year as is Sid Bream. And I believe their peak years coincided.

Round 29
1. Oaktown: J.J. Hardy, ss, MIL
2. Mudslingers: Chan Ho Park, sp, TEX
3. Martial Monkeys: Matt Ginter, sp, DET
4. Georgia Clones: Juan Dominguez, sp, TEX
5. Port-au-Prince Pirates: Adrian Gonzalez, 1b, TEX
6. Mystery Hill: Tim Redding, sp, SD
7. Blue Ridge Chiliheads: Brian Anderson, sp, KC
8. Yellowfin Tuna: Bob Wickman, rp, CLE
9. DiamondCutters: Chone Figgins, 3b, ANA
10. Goofballs: Nick Johnson, 1b, WAS
11. Barley Malts: Victor Santos, sp, MIL
12. Disastros: B.J. Upton, ss, TB
13. Playalistics: Ugueth Urbina, rp, DET

Best pick: Adrian Gonzalez, who should get 500 ABs this year and is a good bet to knock in 90 runs. (Redding is a close second.)
Worst pick: Matt Ginter…although I appreciate the sentiment behind the selection, he is worthless.

Round 30
1. Playalistics: Chad Tracy, 3b, ARZ
2. Disastros: Rickie Weeks, 2b, MIL
3. Barley Malts: Andy Marte, 3b, ATL
4. Goofballs: David Bell, 3b, PHI
5. DiamondCutters: Juan Uribe, 2b, CHW
6. Yellowfin Tuna: Brad Lidge, rp, HOU
7. Blue Ridge Chiliheads: Rocco Baldelli, of, TB
8. Mystery Hill: Ryan Klesko, of, SD
9. Pirates: David Wright, 3b, NYM
10. Clones: Jeff Francis, sp, COL
11. Monkeys: Scott Kazmir, sp, TB
12. Mudslingers: Jeff Mathis, c, ANA
13. Oaktown: Chase Utley, 2b, PHI

Best pick: Rickie Weeks. You all will be wetting yourselves when I am freezing him in the low 20s in two years and he’s starting in the All Star game.
Worst pick: Mathis. Never heard of the guy, so I looked him up on the Baseball America site. He hit .227 last year in Double A, which was actually not bad, considering he hit .180 in A ball.