Lone Star Fantasy Baseball League
2004 First Half Summary

First Half Standings
T1. Yellowfin Tuna
T1. Mystery Hill
3. Georgia Clones
4. Disastros
5. Port-au-Prince
6. BarleyMalts
7. Oaktown
8. Goofballs
9. Chiliheads
10. Monkeys
11. Mudslingers
12. DiamondCutters
13. UCA Sig Eps

An astonishing finish, unprecented in LSFBL annals, as THREE teams still had a good shot
at winning the first half going into the final Sunday night. Jon had a 35-point deficit but
Chris Carpenter on the mound in the final game. Luckwig had the lead in the clubhouse, but
with the Tuna a few measly points back and awaiting Womack and Rolen's at bats. Carpenter came
out smoking, fanning the first 5 hitters, and it appeared that Jon was going to steal the half.
But Carpenter came undone and ended up producing negative points. Rolen had two RBI hits taken
away (one by Alou, one by Sosa) and Womack wasted a bases loaded, no out AB by flying to shallow
center. When the smoke had cleared, Mystery Hill and the Tuna were in a dead heat, so the $120
first half prize money was split evenly between them -- for the first time in league history.

I would like to take this opportunity to note that three of the top four finishers in the first
half race were picked in the Commish's preseason top four.

Predicted Final Standings
1. Yellowfin Tuna
2. Dahlonega Disastros
3. Port-au-Prince Pirates
4. Mystery Hill
5. Oaktown Stars
6. BarleyMalts
7. Hog Mountain
8. Blue Ridge Chiliheads
9. UCA Sig Eps
10. Goofballs
11. Georgia Clones
12. Martial Monkeys
13. DiamondCutters

The only major discrepancy there is the Clones. I could only make predictions based on the
drafted rosters, and Jonathon's final roster is typically uncorrelated with the one he starts
the year with. This year has been no exception, as the Clones have been among the
league leaders in player movement (9 of his players, including 5 stars, were drafted by
someone else).

And now, the surprises and disappointments of the first half, team by team.

Thought I had a bargain pick in Jody Gerut, who has helped very little so far.
Finishing 4th in the first half isn't much of an accomplishment, but given how little
I got from high draft picks such as Colon, Pettitte, Castillo, and Gibbons, it wasn't that bad.
I will probably be lucky to finish in the top 10 in the second half.

Biggest surprise: Roger Clemens. But considering I have pretty much the entire Astro rotation,
one of them was almost bound to pan out (***unfortunately, ONLY one! God, has this season been
a shitty experience for Astro fans)
Biggest disappointment: Bartolo Colon edges out Morgan Ensberg and Pettitte for the honors.
Not often does a third round pick turn out to be the single worst starter in all of baseball.


Biggest surprise: Victor Martinez has been a surprise to me, but since Clarke took him in
round 11 I guess perhaps it isn't a surprise to him that this guy is leading all catchers in
RBI. So, the other big surprise would have to be Sean Casey, who gained about 100 points on
his batting average.
Biggest disappointment: Placido Polanco was a big waste of a 6th round pick.

Hog Mountain
Biggest surprise: Well, pretty much everyone I ragged on Rick for drafting has been a surprise to
me, especially J.D. Drew, who I think has already played more games than he had in the last two
combined. Rick's own choice for this award is Carlos Silva, who was taken as an afterthought but
is second on Rick's team in wins.
Biggest disappointment: I imagine more than 3 wins were expected by now out of 5th round pick
Randy Wolf. The Giambino and his intestinal parasites are another major reason for Rick's
unusually weak first half.

Biggest surprise: Not much about the DCutters first half was pleasant, but Bernie Williams has
exceeded the expectations of most fans. Until he got hurt, Griffey was the winner here.
Biggest disappointment: Since being drafted by Irv was a kiss of death this year, there are
plenty of candidates for this honor, but I'll stay with my selection as his worst pick, Ramon
Ortiz -- a 4th round pick who was good for two wins as a starter in the first half (naturally,
one was against Houston).

Biggest surprise: Without a doubt, Johnny Estrada. Drafted as a backup, he was an All Star and
led all NL catchers in RBI.
Biggest disappointment: Also an easy call. Barry Zito has frustrated a lot of people this year.
You don't normally see a Cy Young caliber pitcher beaten 12-2 and 11-0.

Blue Ridge Chiliheads
Biggest surprise: Adam Dunn has bounced back in a big way from his atrocious 2003 season that
scared off two owners who might otherwise have frozen him.
Biggest disappointment: You don't want to be waiting until week 10 to be able to use your first
round pick, so Nomar is a strong candidate. The Chiliheads also went six weeks without #2 pick
Magglio Ordonez. But the biggest loss was #4 selection Richie Sexson, who got in less than
100 ABs before being felled for the season.

Biggest surprise: Easy. Carlos Guillen is another guy drafted as a backup who has turned out
to be a regular starter. Jason Marquis claims the runner-up position.
Biggest disappointment: Outside of his one shutout, #1 pick Roy Halladay has been pretty bad.

UCA Sig Eps
Biggest surprise: Shawn Estes was such a surprise that he had already reeled off six of his
nine wins before Kyle realized he had drafted the guy.
Biggest disappointment: Carlos Delgado has been a key to the B-Jays being passed in the standings
by the D-Rays. The 5th player taken overall has 10 HR and is currently batting .218

Mystery Hill
Biggest surprise: Adrian Beltre had frustrated everyone else in the LSFBL one season or another,
so naturally when Luckwig drafts him the guy finally -- and with no warning -- blossoms into
a superstar.
Biggest disappointment: Joel Pineiro (5th round pick) had a late rally to get off the hook for
this award, which goes to Sir Sidney, the fat freeze with the 3-12 record. How did the Angels
manage to get shut out by this clown?

Oaktown Stars
Biggest surprise: Paul Konerko had already surpassed most of his 2003 season totals by the All
Star break...Francisco Cordero also deserves mention here.
Biggest disappointment: Bret Boone's magic apparently wore off this year...from a prime freeze to
a marginal fantasy starter. Honorable mention to Kerry Wood (but is it REALLY a shock that he went
on the DL?)

Yellowfin Tuna
Biggest surprise: Nobody could have possibly foreseen the numbers Armando Benitez has put together:
2-0, 0.98 ERA, 30 saves in 32 chances.
Biggest disappointment: Wade Miller is part of the large contingent of disappointing Astros, but
since he won 7 games he loses out to Austin Kearns and his .195 average.

GA Clones
Biggest surprise: Jose Guillen (no longer with the Clones). Runner-up: Eric Milton (no
longer with the Clones)
Biggest disappointment: Orlando Cabrera (no longer with the Clones). Runner-up: Gil Meche
(no longer with the Clones)

Martial Monkeys
Biggest surprise: Mark Loretta. He has outproduced just about every 2b in the LSFBL.
Biggest disappointment: Andruw Jones has been truly woeful this year. Not a good #5 pick.